Grand Island Seventh-day Adventist Church

636 S Shady Bend Rd
Grand Island, NE, 68801-8565
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The Bible Says

Welcome to the
Grand Island Seventh-day Adventist Church

636 S Shady Bend Road ‚óŹ Grand Island, NE 68801
Pastor Rossi (831)524-4465

Pastor Rossi and Wife


Church Elders from Left to Right:

Larry Clements, Terry Blough, Shawn Clark, Willis Callahan
Not pictured: Mary Ann Vanteicher & Randy Powell

About Prophecy Encounter
A Life-changing 10-Part Bible Series
February 17–25, 2017

Welcome to Prophecy Encounter, an exciting, fresh, and practical look at Bible prophecy that will bring you and your family lasting peace and hope in the midst of these often dark and confusing times.

Whether you’re worried about a world filled with violence, war, economic peril, politically uncertainty, social unrest, and the chaos of immense natural disasters—or even if you just have a curiosity to know more about the Bible and what it says about the last days—Prophecy Encounter is designed to inform you while bringing you peace and reassurance about your personal future.

Throughout this 10-part televised and streamed series, Prophecy Encounter explores complex, often misunderstood, and, yes, sometimes unsettling Bible teachings—from what happens when we die to salvation, the USA in prophecy, the mark of the beast, the second coming of Christ, and whether the antichrist is already here among us. After this series, you’re going to know so much more about Scripture than you ever have before.

Our Pledge to You
Chances are, you’ve heard many different conflicting interpretations about all these topics—and maybe you have been disappointed by failed predictions of the end of the world. Our pledge to you is to present this information in a simple, step by step way that will give you confidence to make your own decisions about these vital spiritual matters. Prophecy Encounter will not pressure you. We’ll share with you what the Bible says and pray that it will help you have healthier relationships, a healthier outlook, and a healthier lifestyle that will make a lasting difference in your world.

So please join us! It’s completely free—and there are no obligations. We invite you and all your friends and family to participate with us beginning Friday, February 17.

We will be showing this series here at our church please plan on attending or you can watch at home. 

Live TV Broadcast (AFTV) and Webcast ScheduleLive Facebook,, and ROKU
7:00pm ET, February 17 – 25
11:00am ET, Saturday, February 25

Sabbath Picnic and Vespers July 2016

Home of:

Platte Valley Elementary School (CLICK HERE)
The Grand Island Give-a-way (CLICK HERE) 

We invite you to worship with us
this coming Sabbath (Saturday)
Sabbath School 9:30 a.m.
Church Sevice 10:45 a.m.
Fellowship meal following
To donate to any of our ministries, you can send your tax-deductible payment to:

Treasurer (Larry Clements)
636 S Shady Bend Road
Grand Island, NE 68801

or contact the treasurer, Larry Clements, with questions about donating at:

(308) 647-5788  or

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Upcoming Events

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Sabbath School - Feb 25, Sat 9:15 AM - Please come and join us for weekly Sabbath School, adult and...
Worship Service - Feb 25, Sat 10:30 AM - Please join us each week during our Worship Service to honor...
Clothing Giveaway - Feb 26, Sun 1:00 PM - Please join us for our montly clothing giveaway.  Doors...
School Board Mtg - Mar 7, Tue 6:30 PM - Our School Board meets monthly is discuss school issues.